Specter THE Guardian Mermacorn

Specter the Mermacorn, Guardian of the Calligraphy Peace Tree

Specter is the Mermacorn Calligraphy Queen and Guardian of the sacred Calligraphy Peace Tree.  She keeps the tree safe and sound and is a Japanese mermacorn. 


Specter has sparkling green eyes, a green mane, green hooves, black tail, and a white horn.  Her coat is snow white with Japanese calligraphy adorning her body.


As a mermicorn, Specter can shoot lasers out of her horn, gracefully swim and breathe underwater, and has a magical aura.  As the guardian of the Calligraphy Peace Tree, she has a psychic link with the tree, and knows of its whereabouts no matter what.  Specter is fluent in Japanese and can create perfect Japanese calligraphy.  Sh
Specter the Mermacorn1
e can also turn into a Poptart Mermacorn at will.

Since she is a Mermacorn, Specter may also:

  • Sneeze marshmallows
  • Burp rainbows.
  • Absorb the sadness of children making it happiness. 
  • Is immortal
  • color stuff with lasers from the horn
  • fly

Specter the Poptart Mermacorn

Occasionally, Specter will assume her Poptart Mermacorn form.  When in this form, a rainbow trail
Mermacorn Comic 1

Specter Comic

streaks behind her wherever she goes, and she can travel at supersonic speeds across the galaxy.  When in Poptart Mermacorn form, Specter's body turns into a white poptart with black and green sprinkles.  She becomes pixelated but retains her magical mermacorn aura.


Specter is friends with all Mermacorns in the sea!!! XD  In addition to this, Specter has become attached to the Calligraphy Peace Tree.  She is also friends with the Treeman. :D

Specter and Treeman