• Lady Shoko

    People of the Mermacorn Wikia!  Trees, air, mermacorns, and magical mermacorn-air-tree hybrids of all kinds! 

    I am sad to say that there is a great disturbance in the magical world of mermacorns.  An injustice in this mythical world of peace. 

    Mermacorns do not have equal rights! 

    It is a horrible, terrible, horrific, terrifying, awful, unbelievably cruel injustice done to the mythical residents of this enchanted land.  We must stand up for equal rights for our people, and take what is rightfully ours!  I ask of thee now, will you stand up for what's right and help me in my quest for mermacorn justice?

    This is an official document demanding equal rights:


    Mermacorns have been done a great injustice.  Sign thi…

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